Services :
Textile Humidification
We undertake projects of Air-Conditioning & Humidification Plants for POY, FDY, & Cotton Spinning Industries. We are providing our services right from the designing, supply and manufacturing of the equipment, installation work at site, Piping work, ducting and Insulation, Electrical and Instrumentation activities and commissioning of the Entire Plants / system. We shall provide Turn-key solutions from Single Point up to customer satisfaction and Energy.
Clean Room Projects for Pharmaceutical & Food Indu
Based on several years of experience in the design and installation of HVAC systems, it is possible to use a systematic approach to the design of clean rooms for the pharma industry. This step by step approach is briefly as follows: • Analyse the production process, especially the flow of materials and personnel. This helps to define the activities in the various rooms and group the rooms having similar environmental requirements. • Define the HVAC requirements system-wise and then room-wise. The requirements defined are: – Cleanliness level – Room temperature, relative humidity – Room pressure – Air movement direction Building construction and layout design • Air handling system • Selection of air flow pattern and pressurisation of rooms • Fresh air quantity • Duct system design and construction • Selection, location and mounting of filtration system • Defumigation requirement • Performance qualification and validation • Carry out detailed heat load calculations room-wise taking into account fresh air quantity requirements. • Air handling system design and selection. • Prepare air flow diagrams based on the above mentioned load calculations and room pressure requirements.
Evaporative Cooling Systems
Evaporative cooling is based on air passing through a pad or media, the water evaporates with help of energy taken from the air, and the air will be chilled with only a fan and a water pump. Old air is ventilated out and replaced with fresh cool air. Evaporative cooling is nature's answer for efficient climate control. Requiring low energy input, it is ideally suited for applications where saving energy consumption is a must.
Pressurization and Ventilation Systems
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Industrial Air-Conditioning
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Dust Extraction Systems
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Process Air-Conditioning
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Turn-key Solutions to HVAC problems
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Closed Controlled Air-Conditioning
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Humidification and Air Washer Plants
We provide our services and equipments for various Power Plants. We have executed Humidification Plant including Air Washer Plants, ducting, Insulation, Electrical and Instrumentation systems. We have also carryout various projects to maintain Pressurization and cooling system in Gas Engine Rooms.
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